Daftar lamaran kerja sekarang

Kami mempunyai 26 kantor cabang di Indonesia. Untuk info cabang di kota terdekat dengan anda, sila daftar dan akan kami hubungi Anda …

There’s no better time than the present!

No matter what your goal is, Borneo Group will do whatever it takes to help it occur. Watch the video to see the process

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The six things that happen
when you Join Borneo Family

Building strength

Positive thinking will be your core asset value that we will help to develop in you.

Learning on the go

We believe in showing and getting results. No just by talking and painting fairy tales.

Fixing the mindset

Your mind is your ASSET. The mind can see where your eyes can't. Stop limiting yourselves.


Communications can build or break your future. Soft skills are an important component to succeed.


You are accountable for your very own action. Learn not to blame on others and bite the bullet.

Big Heart

Work as a team and always put your teamates interest at heart. You can't succeed alone.

Trainees Testimonial

Executive Manager

Pak Saladin, yang berusia 22 tahun, memimpin 13 Managers dan 5 Assistant Managers di dalam organisasi beliau.

Saladin WS

Senior Manager

Motifasi membangun untuk diri sendiri dan untuk orang lain.

Cenny Agustina

Senior Manager

Kerja cergas dan cerdas. Masa depan anda di tangan anda sendiri.

Ade Muhamad Zulkarnaen

Tunggu Apalagi ... Proses Untuk Sukses

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